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Defines raptor as it relates to birds, including physical characteristics and species examples, along with popular raptor symbolism.

Birding In Alaska, Alaska Kids' Corner, State Of Alaska

Copied from an article in WildBird, February 1991. Alaska is our largest state, encompassing 591,004 square miles.

Alaska's Species Information, Alaska Department Of Fish ...

Alaska Department of Fish and Game ... Our Biological Diversity. Diverse and abundant wildlife are central to Alaska’s economy and people.

Birds Of Prey For Sale - Raptors For Sale

Falconry Birds for sale and birds of prey for sale. Including Gyrs, Eagles, hawks, Owls, falcons, Kestrels, vultures, Barn Owls, Harris Hawks and more.

Eagle Flight And Other Myths, Alaska Department Of Fish ...

Alaska Wildlife News is an online magazine published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor - Wikipedia

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a fifth-generation, single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed for the United States Air ...